Repeal The 8th T~Shirts

2018 Repeal T~Shirts 

On the 25th of May Ireland will hold an important Referendum to Vote whether to REPEAL or keep the current Eighth Amendment of our Constitution ?
Currently Women in Ireland do not legally have the right to an Abortion regardless of circumstance. 

We want the Freedom of Choice and proper Health Care for our bodies. Our Bodies ~ Our Choice

This is a Not~For~Profit Project, any proceeds go to TogetherForYes Campaign. I'm a small business so each order I receive pays for the printing of the next order.

***I want to do what I can in support of the REPEAL Campaign in this upcoming Referendum.

My Voice is Visual and I have designed these T~Shirts as my contribution to helping spread the message.  ***

Available in Black or White

Available in S , M , L, XL & XXL

100% Cotton

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