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The Launch of my Christmas Shop 2018

The Launch of my Christmas Shop 2018

My first time launching a Christmas Shop.

How exciting!



HotPress April 2018

HotPress April 2018

Interview with Roe Mc Dermott featured in the April Issue of HotPress 2018.

~ Award Winning ~

Receiver of the 2017 Creative Careers Studio Award at The Cockpit Arts in London.

~ Handmade ~

Each Item has been handmade with Care. Each Product is slightly different and One~Of~A~Kind.

~ London Based Irish Designer ~

~ Reclaimed Vintage ~

My bespoke Reclaimed Vintage Line is Hand Embroidered by me. Each piece takes a lot of time and care to produce. If you have a Vintage Item that you would like Embroidered for a Wedding or Special Occasion please get in touch.

Hand ~ Embroidery

Hand Embroidered Animals & Florals. Available for commissions or custom made designs.

~ Printed Fabric ~

I design unique handpainted & digital prints for every collection. I print onto a variety of plant and man-made fabrics using sustainable and eco-friendly methods.